Welcome to Aurel Consulting & Maintenance, LLC!

Are you seeking a new maintenance contractor to serve your busy mailhouse?

Do you have a particular machine that seems to be out of service more often than it should be?

Does your production floor seem to go through experienced repair technicians faster than you can keep up with training the new hires?

Are you dedicating a lot of working capital toward machine maintenance that seems to be used unwisely?

Are you seeking to cut costs and streamline a production process but can't seem to get the flow just right?

These are just a few needs that clients approach Aurel Consulting with, hoping to find answers in a hurry.

Our principal technician and company president, Aurel Musca, has 25 years of experience rebuilding and repairing direct mail equipment, including electronic and mechanical components; plus eleven years of experience as a machinist.

Our staff is experienced with electrical, electronic, and mechanical aspects of all heavy machinery in the printing/mailing industry including, but not limited to:

Inserter Machines
Bowe Cutters
MBO Folders
Profold Tabbing Machines
Siemens Electrocom Sorting Machines
CMC Insert Machines
Pitney Bowes High Speed Inserters
ESP Unwind/Rewind Machines
Hunkler UW6 Unwind and RW6 Rewind Machines
MPS High Speed Insert Machines
Mosca strapping machines
...and others!

We're experienced in making custom parts and maintaining all heavy machinery with lathes, drill presses, milling machines, drilling machines, and electric and torch welding needs.

We invite you to give us a call to discuss a need you may have, or simply to be added to our contact list so we may call upon you in the future with a special service or promotional offer.

Thank you for your interest in Aurel Consulting!  We look forward to servicing your account and enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship in the future.


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